Goal setting
for the visual mind.

We provide the tools and technologies that engage
a person's most powerful asset to succeed: the visual mind.

Visualization is proven to help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their goals, even in the face of great obstacles. Why? Visualization heavily influences the subconscious mind, which drives human behavior, habits and motivation patterns.

Visionboards.co is a goal-setting platform and resource center based on the widely popular concept of a vision board - a collage of images and phrases that represent your dreams and aspirations. The more regularly you envision your goals as completed, the more likely you will attain them. Our simple, intuitive website and library of inspirational images makes it easy for you to create stunning vision boards that can be accessed everywhere you go.

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My number one key to my success in weight loss and in life is the belief that I could actually make a change in my health and accomplish great things. I’ve used vision boards to help me hold onto an image for the future that was stronger than what I saw in the mirror. The VisionBoards.co platform will let me spend less time and energy creating images related to my future, and instead spend more time actively realizing my future, with a support community and other resources dedicated to keep me on track. — Pete Thomas, Winner of NBC's Biggest Loser

From a pro athlete's perspective, vision boards and bracelets should be something that every athlete uses and wears religiously. From many years of working with one of the world's top sports psychologists, I've learned the true power of visualization. Whatever you put into your mind and visualize happening on game day is ultimately what you will project to occur. Vision boards and bracelets are the perfect tool to help an athlete maintain ultimate focus. I can't wait to order mine. — Glenn Earl, NFL Wide Receiver

VisionBoards is amazing. With every client of mine we sit down and create goals and dreams they want to create through their business. When they are able to see these goals in front of them on a bracelet as they are making decisions in real time, they are able to move faster and stay focused on the picture. This is when the magic happens and dreams are achieved. — Sarah Dew, Business Coach & Productivity Expert for Women

They're more than just dreams when you have a plan

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